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The Achilles Heel of Every Association – Voluntary Work

by European Blog

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Dear friends and interested readers,

We’d love to share more of our interesting debates with you as we still consider ourselves as an association of progressive and young analysts of the political discourse. However, we are very constrained  by time and resources. All our members dedicate their free time mostly on late evening and weekend sessions for our projects. Commitment is a necessary base for voluntary work in general, but unfortunately it cannot guarantee numerous and feasible outcomes.

Hopefully you will accept our apologies for any inconvenience which may derive from this issue. We can assure you that our commitment is still high and we will neither stop expressing our opinion nor we stop to help political interested people to improve their knowledge and skills.

We wish you all a great week. Last but not least we would like to add some inspiration to this letter and bring this exceptional documentary – “Food, Inc” by Robert Kenner (2008) – to your attention. Agricultural policies at its finest. Stay tuned!

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